Shaukat Warraich

Shaukat Warraich is the CEO of Faith Associates based in the UK and Enhancing Faith Institutions (EFI) in Ireland. Deen of Faith Associates Academy a pioneering  leadership training platform. He is the founder and lead coordinator for the Nordic and European MEET project, looking at Muslim leadership and community development in light of the rise of anti-Muslim hatred. Chief editor of ImamsOnline.com. A particular focus of his work has been developing safeguarding practices in places of worship internationally, pioneering safeguarding and leadership development training for Mosques and Madrassah (Supplementary schools teaching Islamic scripture) for more than two decades. He has also worked with the EU/UN/UNDP/UNOCT He has been the advisor to the Mayor of London, facebook & Twitter on matters of security and community safety and various UK ministries and local authorities.

Liya Makhmutova

Liya Makhmutova is the President of Baltic Muslim Women Union, Member of Majlis Ifta of Estonian Islamic Congregation, Founder and director of International Children online Academy Nur Al-Iman, Founder and director of Sunday school Alif of Arabic language and culture, Founder and director of Sunday school Nur of Tatarian language and culture, Teacher of Islamic Science in Islamic center, Tallinn, Blogger, online influencer for Muslim women, Instagram: ustaza.iman

Her Education: Currently studying for PhD in Islamic Law ( Fatih Sultan Mehmet University- Istanbul) and has a Master degree in Islamic low (University of princess Nora bin Abdul Rahman-Riyadh)

Alen Delic

Alen Delic has been coordinator for Muslim pastoral care at Skane University Hospital for the eleven years. He is also a teacher on the Muslim Chaplaincy Course in Stockholm.

From 2008-2020 he was head imam in one of the biggest mosques in the city of Malmo. Alen has participated in Swedish public debate on Islam and Muslims for many years. He works for cohesion, integration and a fairer society, and is a board member of Open Skane, a social cohesion network as well as co-founder of Malmo Muslim Network.

Alen Delic has worked on several projects tackling Islamophobia and anti-Muslim sentiments, while being a long-term critic of extremism and radicalization and unequivocally condemning Islamist violence.  He has spoken at various eminent platforms.

Alen has recorded educational material about Islam and Muslims for Swedish authorities.

Alen has a BA in Islamic Studies, and a Certificate in Muslim Chaplaincy from Markfield Institute for Higher Education (Leicester, UK).

Amra Ledegen

Amra Ledegen, an Albanian architect living in Belgium, brings creativity and community spirit to her work. Having contributed to numerous projects, she has also dedicated years to youth, educational, and interreligious organizations, fostering inclusivity and understanding.

Mabrouka Rayachi

Tunisian by birth, Muslim by faith and Austrian by choice. I have worked for 20 years as an Islamic religious teacher in different type of public schools in Vienna and since 2012 I am the supervisor for Islamic religious education in Lower Austria. As a migrant, as a Muslim mother of three children who were born and raised in Austria and as an educator, I am constantly grappling with the challenge of including children and young people of Muslim background into the majority society in Austria.

For me, it is important on one hand to convey to children and young people that there is no contradiction between being Muslim and being Austrian, and on the other hand to sensibilize schools about the needs of Muslim children and youth and how to manage a peaceful coexistence in schools that may bear fruit in the society. I see myself in the education system in Austria as a bridgebuilder and a cultural interpreter.

Stijn Ledegen

Stijn Ledegen is a legal expert with a passion for sports and inclusivity. He serves as a key figure in various sporting organizations, including as a member of the disciplinary committee of the Flemish Football Federation and a board member of the Flemish Cricket Federation. Additionally, he holds the position of co-chair at Aturservice, an NGO dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion within the realm of sports and especially football.

Outside of his sports-related commitments, Ledegen contributes his expertise to the Belgian Defense Forces, where he holds the role of Islamic Affairs Advisor as project manager. His multifaceted career reflects a deep commitment to both legal expertise and fostering positive change within the sports community and beyond for an inclusive society.

Basri Kurtis

Education: Bachelor’s in Religion and Islamic Studies from Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt. Master’s in Islamic Studies. Work: Head Imam at the Albanian Religious Community in Denmark. Teacher at the weekend school of the Albanian Religious Community. Religious mentor for youth. Chaplain (visiting jails, patients in hospitals, and psychiatric wards) providing spiritual guidance. Other: Peace Ambassador. Member of the Christian-Muslim Dialogue Forum. Board member in various religious organizations in Denmark and Europe. Actively engaged in interfaith dialogue. Speaker in different primary and secondary schools where I teach children about Islam.

Anna Stamou

Muslim Association of Greece, European Muslim Forum & Woman Council, A World of Neighbours. Representing the Muslim Association of Greece, am promoting the major Muslim Issues to EU authorities as well to European and International Organizations, struggling to achieve equality in law and society. Engaging with interfaith dialogue and common action for almost two decades, participating to most interfaith summits in Europe. Official speaker with Media, advocating for the Muslim rights. As board member of the European Muslim Forum my efforts focus to the empowerment of the Muslim European Voice and of the communities across Europe and of course the Women initiatives. As a member at AWoN since the first days,  we are proving that interfaith common action can bring only positive and effective results especially affecting the people on the move in Europe.

Lulzim Kadrioski

Lulzim Kadrioski, who holds a master’s degree in international sales & marketing, is part of the Austrian Documentation and Advice Center for Islamophobia and anti-Muslim racism (Dokustelle Österreich; www.dokustelle.at) where he specializes in community outreach and public relations. He is currently involved in the Dokustelle research project ‘Community Evaluation: Knowledge, Power & Political Islam’ in which he takes a closer look at how studies conducted and published about Muslims in Austria can have effects on the Muslim community by perpetuating anti-Muslim racist narratives.


Luca Klára

Luca Klára Bodolay is the Community leader of Muslim Sisters of Budapest, working with Muslim women since 2018. She is the Vice-president of MIT, the Muslim Youth Association of Hungary. She graduated English Studies and International Relations, writing her thesis about Muslim women in Hungary. Currently she is studying Psychology and Islam.

Jennifer Garraoui

Jennifer Garraoui is a dedicated advocate for mental health and wellness. Currently undergoing specialized training in Family Psychotherapy and Couples & Marriage Psychotherapy, I am driven by a steadfast commitment to effecting positive change in the lives of others. Serving as a specialist in domestic violence work at the Domestic Violence Counselling Unit in Helsinki, I am deeply invested in providing compassionate support to those facing adversity. Furthermore, I am honored to contribute my skills and expertise through volunteer work with two reputable Islamic organizations in Helsinki, and to be here today representing  The Finnish Muslim Forum (Suomen Muslimifoorumisry). With a professional ethos grounded in empathy, integrity, and expertise, I am devoted to empowering individuals and communities to navigate life’s challenges with resilience and hope.

Mersiha Smailović

Mersiha Smailović is human rights activist, lawyer and president of NGO LEGIS. Mersiha is active in the field of advocating for the rights of refugees and migrants, discrimination, Islamophobia, gender equality, rights of ethnic groups etc.

Mersiha was a candidate for the president of North Macedonia, in the elections to be held in the end of April 2024

Aïssatou Cissé

Shaykh Umar Al-Qadri

Shaykh Dr Umar Al-Qadri is a leading Irish Muslim religious and social thinker and commentator. A qualified theologian and jurist, he works for cohesion, integration and a fairer society from his positions as Chairperson of the Irish Muslim Peace & Integration Council and Head Imam at the Islamic Centre of Ireland. He is also a SME owner and the father of three loving children.

Dr Al-Qadri promotes a European Muslim identity, encouraging Muslims in Europe to engage fully with a pluralistic vision of our continent as active citizens, and works through his roles as a board member of EULEMA (European Leaders Majlis), European Muslim Forum and as a founding member  of MJLC (Muslim-Jewish Leadership Council) to ensure that policymakers consider minority communities at every stage of the formulation of policy and strategy at an EU and member state level.

Pia Jardi

Secretary General of the Finnish Muslim Forum and social Work professional. CEO of the Oasis Central Foundation and a board member of the European initiative, Religions for Peace ENIB

Kilci Bensu

Bensu is an architect & project manager, currently working in a global architectural visualization studio. She received her bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Design in 2020. She was born and raised in İzmir,Türkiye. In 2024, she moved to Budapest/ Hungary to pursue her dream of working hybrit and traveling the world. Currently she is volunteering in Muslim Sisters of Budapest community and MIT (Muslim Youth Association of Hungary

Dr Sarah Abbas

Dr Sarah abbas is a family doctor who has a special Interest in psychiatry/mental health and safeguarding vulnerable people . She is the medical safeguarding lead in Buckinghamshire.   She is also a representative of the independent advisory board (IAG) of a local police borough in Buckinghamshire.  She is also a senior medical appraiser of other doctors in the field of general practice.   She is also safeguarding lead for a local cricket sports club.

Rabab Nassabieh

Berlin-born to Lebanese immigrants, I studied politics and worked as a press officer at the Central Council of Muslims in Germany for 2 years. My work focused on the structural challenges faced by Muslims and migrants. I’m a graduate of The Muslim Jewish Leadership Council (MJLC) Ambassadors Programme. This initiative enhanced interfaith relations and deepened mutual understanding of cultural traditions

Naveed Baig

Naveed Baig is a PhD Fellow at the University of Oslo. His research focuses on Muslim pastoral care and health. For the past 15 years Naveed Baig has held the position of chaplain at Rigshospitalet (one of the largest hospitals in Denmark), and has taught at The University of Copenhagen and The University of Southern Denmark.For many years Naveed has participated in the Danish public debate on Islam and Muslims, and in 2021 he co-published “The Danish-Muslim Manifesto”. This project aims to discuss key issues on being Muslim in Denmark and Europe. He is also one of the imams at the Danish Islamic Center in Copenhagen.In 2023 he was admitted to the Danish pendant to ‘ Whos Who’, Kraks Blå Bog

Sh Romas Jakubauskas

Mufti of Lithuanian Muslims, President of Sunni Muslim Religious Centre in Lithuania-Muftiate since 2008 President of Muslim Religious Community of Kaunas Region, Lithuania 2000-2017 Imam of Kaunas mosque since 2000. Teacher of religion for Muslim children in governmental schoolsWorks with numerous companies in three Baltic States in field of Halal supervising and control since 2010 Since 2016 works at JSC HALAL CONTROL Lithuania as Shariah expert Participated in numerous Halal trainings and fairs in Europe and Asia

Murad Dali

Professional teacher in national education for 18 years. Has been working in communication consulting and project management for 3 years. President of a mosque in the Yvelines. Spokesman for a departmental body of Muslim institutions that works with the prefect and the public authorities on the issue of Islam and places of worship. Member of a working group on the structuring of Muslim institutions at the national level that works with the services of the Central Office of Worship at the Ministry of the Interior.