The Muslim European Empowerment Programme (MEET) is an important
initiative to promote intra-faith and interfaith dialogue, raising capacity
and capabilities of key stakeholders to address the challenges facing
Muslims in Europe and to celebrate the achievements and contributions
being made to European life.

MEET 2024 will hold its 3rd annual conference and leadership retreat from the 3-
6th May 2024. The conference has evolved from last year’s interfaith conference
held on the 3 rd of May 2023 at the University of Agder. The group of partners and
collaborators that created the previous conferences, have now evolved into a
larger pool of partners that wish to create a yearly Interfaith dialogue and
leadership development programme in Kristiansand during the European
Democracy Week initiative.

We are especially happy to bring The Internation a Panel of Parliamentarians for Freedom of Religion or Belief (IPPFoRB) in as partner in The Kristiansand Interfaith Dialogue this year. This year are 30 leaders from 15 EU states that will be joined an expected 1000 people from Kristiansand, Nordics as well as other EU states.

The Theme for the retreat/conference
Day 1 – 3rd May – Israel and Palestine conflict, the challenges ahead Leadership development in Dialogue Dynamics

Day 2 – 4th May – Dividing lines between freedom of speech and hate speech
Day 3 – 5th May – Women and Youth Local leadership engagement and development
Day 4 – 6th May – Council of Europe Conference – Democracy and EU Challenges and opportunity 2024/5

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6th May Event

MEET 2024 assembles in Kristians and from May 3-6, fostering dialogue with 30 leaders across the EU. We’ll tackle key issues like the Israel-Palestine conflict and the nuances of free speech.

This conference is a step towards combating Islamophobia and reinforcing democratic values within Europe, promoting a collective effort for positive change.

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