About MEET

The MEET programme wishes to inculcate the values expressed by the Council of Europe and by Kristiansand Commune’s “city for all” vision. The MEET concept was developed as a response to the European Conference on Democracy and Human Rights.


The MEET programme aims to address the challenges faced by Muslim communities by engaging with policy makers, political, business and academic entities – finding effective approaches will require the active participation of all these.

Promote democratic values, particularly in the light of the Islamic faith;

Support and empower voices and activities that contribute to the enhancement of European social and economic wellbeing

Build a clear understanding of European values and what a European Muslim identity is or could be in 21st century Europe;

Address barriers to Muslim women and youth empowerment.

In relation to wider society/governments, MEET will seek to:

Promote understanding of Muslim communities, their faith, values and culture, and tackle negative stereotypes

Promote awareness of the negative effects of anti Muslim hatred – both on Muslims and, by restricting their opportunities to participate and contribute, on wider societal and national development;

Address the lack of coherent strategies to prevent the emergence of Islamophobia and hate speech, digitally and offline

Promote policies to address discrimination and barriers faced by Muslims in education, employment, etc.

The MEET programme will have a Pan-European scope with roots in Kristiansand.